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Superb quality Arts & Crafts iron lamp with a deeply coloured Vaseline shade. It is 29cms high and 20cms wide. The actual glass shade is 16cms high and has a diameter of 9cms. Offered in excellent condition however the iron has been painted at some point.

ID Code as179a2428

Price £395.00

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Arts & Crafts Vaseline and iron lamp
Pretty Arts & Crafts copper spirit kettle on stand. The kettle has a stylised heart to both sides. The base of the stand has claw feet. All parts are complete but it has not been tested for use. Total height 29cms. Diameter of kettle not including spout 14cms. Offered in good condition but with some historic dings.

ID Code as179a2425

Price £135.00

Posage within the U.K. included

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Arts & Crafts spirit kettle on stand
Rare early large Arts & Crafts Joseph Sankey six pint copper lidded jug. This one bears the early mark and registration for 1906. It is unusual to find the large six pint jug measuring 32cms in height and with a diameter of 18cms at base with registration mark and figures with neptune to base. Offered in good condition with some dings and the lid is slightly loose but sits well.

ID Code as179a2414

Price £145.00

Price includes postage within the U.K

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Rare Joseph Sankey six pint copper lidded jug
Arts & Crafts copper coal box with a huge heart to front an good brass handles to the sides. The back is plain copper with no decoration. It has its original liner and there are no holes. Offered in good condition. Height to top of handle which is copper is 43cms, Height to back 34cms, height to front 28cms, Depth 35cms, Width 38cms.

ID Code as179a2409

Price £285.00

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Arts & Crafts copper coal box with liner
Rare Arts & Crafts fire screen by Hugh Wallis of Altrincham (1871-1943) The pewter and brass bands have been woven together to make an outstanding fife screen that would grace any fire place whether Arts & Crafts or modern. Offered in excellent condition just lightly cleaned. Height 57cms The front panel is 49cms wide and laid flat it measures 91cms. 943)

ID Code as179a2396

Price £165.00

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Rare Hugh Wallis pewter and brass fire screen
Fabulous Arts & Crafts copper and wrought iron fire screen attributed to John Pearson for his unmistakeable trees on a path leading to the sun. I have seen signed panels of this scene but this fire screen is not marked in any way. The tops of the trees appear to have been treated at the time of manufacture to go black. The wrought iron frame has been painted black but please note the lovely hearts at the top which have been made in two parts to stand proud. This screen is offered in excellent condition. Height 91cms, Width 50cms. Depth at feet 27cms. The copper panel measures 43cms x 35cms.

ID Code as179a2395

Price £695.00

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Artss & Crafts Firescreen. John Pearson
A Fabulous pair of Arts & Crafts Andirons. The fronts are oak with a large turquoise cabochon and these are set on a brass frame. The height is 41cms at the front. The width is 20cms and the depth 24cms. Offered in excellent condition with just one minor chip to back of top of one oak cap. There is the tiniest chip to one cabochon as shown. These would enhance any fireplace and there must be some brass fire irons just waiting to sit on them. It appears that they were once attached to a fire surround as can be seen from the undersides.

ID Code as179a2393

Price £395.00

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Fabulous Arts & Crafts Andirons with cabochons
Arts & Crafts two handled copper vase designed by Mrs Waterhouse for Yattendon Home Industries with six stylised birds which appear to be ostriches, This measures 14cms high and 20cms wide at the handles with a diameter at base of 14cms. There is part of a signature to the base which I cannot read and the number 972. Offered in good condition.

ID Code as179a2385

Price £155.00

Postage within the U.K included

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Arts & Crafts Yattendon copper vase
Arts & Crafts Yattendon two handled vase designed by Mrs Waterhouse with a lovely deep floral pattern. Height 15cms. Width at handles 17cms. Diameter at base 12cms. Offered in good original condition with a few very minor dings. previous next Share Arts & Crafts Yattendon two handled vase designed by Mrs Waterhouse with a lovely deep floral pattern. Offered in good original condition with very minor dings. Height 15cms. Diameter at base 12cms. Width at handles 17cms.

ID Code as179a2373

Price £150.00

This price includes postage wtthin the U.K.

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Arts & Crafts Yattendon two handled copper vase
Lovely Arts & Crafts 2 handled copper vase with fish amongst lily leaves attributed to John Williams of Fivemiletown. Offered in good condition with no cracks however the base is very slightly bowed so has a minute wobble. Good heavy item. Height 22cms. Width at handles 23cms. Diameter at base 10cms.

ID Code as179a2372

Price £195.00

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Arts & Crafts copper vase with fish. John Williams
Superb and very unusual Arts & Crafts cast iron fender showing four different birds and a brass rail to top. The external width is 96cms with an internal depth of 28cms. The internal width is 87cms and the internal depth 24cms. Height a the corners 16cmsnad height at front 12cms. Offered in good condition with slight damage to back of bast plate.

ID Code as179a2359

Price £275.00

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Superb Arts & Crafts fender with birds
Arts & Crafts brass tray depicting two peacocks attributed to John Williams at Fivemiletown. The pie crust edge has an historic repair to the back of the centre top and bottom but does not show from the front. Otherwise offered in good condition. The tray measures 41cms x 53cms and has a depth of 3cms at the edge.

ID Code as179a2345

Price £195.00

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Arts & Crafts Brass Fivemiletown tray
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