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Unusual Arts & Crafts Xylophone designed by George Walton which was retailed by both Liberty and Goodyers. The six resonators are stamped Plant & Perry. Pat 5320. There are two strikers showing a little wear to beaters. Lovely shaped oak stand with spades beneath and a squashed heart to both ends. This stands 84cms in height and 56 wide with a depth at the feet of 39cms. Offered in good condition commensurate with its age

ID Code as179a2695

Price £495.00

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Arts & Crafts Xylophone designed by George Walton
Arts & Crafts copper mirror with raised cabochons to each corner - a design retailed by Liberty, The frame measures 53cms x 42cms and the mirror plate is 34cms x 24cms. Offered in good original condition however there is a loss of silvering to the top right hand corner of the bevelled edged mirror plate.

ID Code as179a2691

Price £195.00

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Arts & Crafts copper mirror with raised cabochons
Good quality heavy pair of Arts & Crafts candle holders with a stylised flower to centre. Offered in excellent condition. Unknown maker. The bases are 17cms square and the distance from the edge to the handle tip is 27cms.

ID Code as179a2682

Price £165.00

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Pair of Arts & Crafts copper candleholders
Lovely Arts & Crafts copper coal bucket profusely decorated with stylised flowers. Good heavy and well made item offered in good condition. Height to rim without handle 31cms. The top is 39cms x 31cms.

ID Code as179a2681

Price £295.00

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 Lovely Arts & Crafts copper coal bucket
Arts & Crafts Caxton Folio or magazine stand for Liberty in Oak as illustrated in Daryl Bennett's book on Liberty furniture. The height to the top of the brass handle is 82cms. Width 43cms. Depth 27cms. Offered in good original condition, One small drawer opens as shown and the other is a dummy.

ID Code as179a2669

Price £325.00

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Arts & Crafts Caxton Folio Stand. Liberty
Fabulous Arts & Crafts copper coal bucket dated 1898 with long necked birds entwined to one side with the date. A design seen on many works of art by John Pearson. The opposite side has no repousee work, The front and back have stylised feathers with the wrought iron feet in the form of a birds claw. This bears no signature but his stylised birds with long necks were one of John Pearson's favourite designs Offered in excellent condition and very heavy. Height without the handle 34cms. Width 42cms. Depth 30cms.

ID Code as179a2668

Price £850.00

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Fabulous Arts & Crafts coal bucket - John Pearson
Arts & Crafts octagonal table with pierced slatted sides with spade decoration. Height 57cms. The top is 48cms x 52cms. Offered in good condition however there is one mend to base as shown. The wood appears mahogany.

ID Code as179a2665

Price £165.00

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Arts & Crafts octagonal lamp table
Unusual Art Deco pewter over mantle with its original bevelled edged mirror plate. It stands on two stepped bases. There are scenes of a peacock and a crane supposedly taken from Aesop's fables: The peacock and the crane. The mirror stands 36cms high with a width at the base of 77cms and a width at the top of 72cms. The depth at the base is 6cms. Offered in good original condition with some chips to edges of mirror plate. This has been cleaned as much as possible but some marks remain on the steps.

ID Code as179a2648

Price £250.00

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Unusual  Art Deco pewter overmantle
Small Arts & Crafts table or plant stand with an hexagonal top sitting on three pierced legs. This table is smaller than the usual ones measuring 68cms in height with the top being 30cms x 34cms. <Made of mixed woods: the base is oak and the top ash. Offered in good condition and just perfect for a plant.

ID Code as179a2632

Price £145.00

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Small Arts & Crafts table on a tripod base
Unusual Arts & Crafts copper mirror with ribbon overlay and a ceramic plaque to each side which appear to be Wedgewood. This measures 51cms wide x 60cms deep. The mirror plate which looks original measures 43cms x 33cms. Offered in good condition with original wooden back

ID Code as179a2630

Price £345.00

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Arts & Crafts copper mirror  with with ceramic plaques
Unusual Arts & Crafts letter rack in oak with turquoise cabochons behind a decorative brass overlay. This measures 24cms high and 29cms wide. The depth is 12cms with two divides. Offered in good condition with a minor bruise to top.

ID Code as179a2621

Price £175.00

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Arts & Crafts letter stationery holder in oak
large Arts & Crafts copper mirror or over mantle with roses. This has its original bevelled edged mirror plate with minor marks. Offered in good condition with a metal back and is currently hung as landscape. Width 86cms. Height 60cms. The mirror plate measures 74cms x 50cms.

ID Code as179a2617

Price £345.00

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Large Arts & Crafts Oval copper mirror with roses
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