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An unusual Egyptian revival mirror decorated with palm trees, the pyramid and Sphinx. The frame appears to have been stained brown and measures 102cms at the widest and 66cms high. This is one of a pair - the other being a mirror image of this one to be listed later. The back and mirror plate are replacements. Offered in a good condition with minor scratches. A fun mirror for any room!

ID Code as179a2443

Price £345.00

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Arts & Crafts Egyptian Revival mirror
Stunning Arts & Crafts oak over mantle with original bevelled edge mirror and a glazed cupboard to each side. These cupboards have a working key and one has two glass bulls eye and the other one. The gallery has pierced spades and at the sides there are pierced hearts. This has been stripped and re polished to a lovely honey colour and is offered in excellent condition but with a few marks to top shelf that would not show once in position. Height 89cms. Width 155cms. Depth 31cms. I have only seen one other of these and though possibly a dresser top: I have never seen such a dresser. This would make an amazing statement in any kitchen or above a fireplace. Most probably retailed by Liberty as is of excellent quality

ID Code as179a2433

Price £350.00

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Stuning Arts & Crafts oak overmantle with cupboard
Good quality Arts & Crafts brass mirror offered in excellent condition with its original bevelled edged glass plate. This has a metal back is currently hung as landscape measuring 57cms wide and 34cms high. The mirror plate is 41cms x 19cms.

ID Code as179a2424

Price £245.00

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Arts & Crafts brass mirror or overmantle
Pretty Arts & Crafts oval copper mirror of which just to flowers have been cleaned to stand out against the darker copper which of course could be cleaned also if desired The floral decoration is overlaid on the copper frame. Minor scratches to original bevelled edge mirror plate. Note there are a few dents to top left of frame and the backing has been replaced. Currently hung as landscape but could be altered The frame measures 76cms x 59cms and the mirror plate 59cms by 43cms.

ID Code as179a2406

Price £275.00

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Arts & Crafts oval copper mirror with flowers
Arts & Crafts butler's mirror made by Harold Holmes with his impressed mark. This has an overlay of pewter flowers on a copper frame - a style developed by Hugh Wallis Offered in good condition, The frame is 36cms in diameter and the mirror plate which is slightly convex is 24cms in diameter.

ID Code as179a2402

Price £295.00

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Arts & Crafts Harold Holmes butler's mirror
Unusual Arts & Crafts copper hall mirror with four steel hooks. It has a lovely raised leaf border with brass studs to the corners and retains its original bevelled edges mirror plate. Offered in good condition measuring 55cms wide at the top and 49cms wide at the lower edge. Height 43cms. Depth at he hooks 13cms. This should be screwed to the wall to support additional weight of coats.

ID Code as179a2400

Price £350.00

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Unusual Arts & Crafts copper hall mirror
A superbly oak Arts & Crafts over mantle carved with flowers and leaves. This really makes a statement and is offered in excellent original condition with its bevelled edged glass mirror plate. The frame measures 88cms x52cmsand the mirror plate is 55cms x 28cms.

ID Code as179a2394

Price £450.00

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Superb Arts & Crafts caved oak overmantle
Arts & Crafts copper mirror left in its original condition and not been cleaned so has a lovely patina. There is a stylish tulip to each side as featured on Liberty mirrors and to the centre there is a heart. The mirror plate and the back have been replaced. The frame measures 60cms x 46cms and the mirror plate 46cms x 3o cms.

ID Code as179a2369

Price £850.00

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Arts & Crafts copper mirror or overmantle
Lovely oak Arts & Crafts Over mantle in its original dark Liberty colour which has been cleaned and waxed to show its lovely grain. Offered in good condition with a replaced mirror plate. Very much a Liberty design but carries a Dublin label Height 68cms. Width 88cms. The mirror plate is 62cms x 40cms

ID Code as179a2353

Price £245.00

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Arts & Crafts oak overmantle. Mirror
Lovely large Arts & Crafts brass mirror with its original bevelled edged mirror plate adorned with acanthus leaves. Strong fixings to hold it in either the landscape or portrait position. The frame measures 77cms x 44cms The mirror plate is 60cms x 27cms. This would make a stunning over mantle.

ID Code as179a2343

Price £475.00

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Lovely Arts & Crafts Brass mirror. Overmantle
Lovely Arts & Crafts copper mirror with a repousse floral design and deep blue cabochons, probably Ruskin to each corner. Condition good however the lower right cabochon has a surface crack. There is a small dent to the top left and at one side not seen from front and a bruise to the side right side next to the lower left cabochon - all clearly shown. These defects are hardly visible but for accuracy need to be pointed out. Currently hung as portrait but could be altered if desired, Height 59cms x45cms. It appears to have its original mirror plate which is not bevelled. A really lovely mirror which would grace any room.

ID Code as179a2338

Price £895.00

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Arts & Crafts copper mirror with cabochons
Lovely matching pair of Arts & Crafts Scottish school brass mirrors with butterflies to each corner. Offered in excellent original condition both with bevelled edges mirror plates with just one showing minor age. The is a difference of 2cms in width between the mirrors and the pattern is more pronounced on one that the other but apart it would be difficult to see the difference. One measures 57cms in height with a width of 42cms and the other measures 57cms in height with a width of 44cms.

ID Code as179a2334

Price £495.00

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Near pair of Arts & Crafts Scottish school mirrors
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